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Life Coaching

How does coaching work?

By listening to you and asking empowering questions, we help you become the best you. We can help you set better goals- by finding your true inner voice--that voice of reason we often ignore, but know is right. 

 Then we can help you reach those goals. Often we ask you to do more for you than you would ask you of yourself on you own and help you produce results more quickly.

Throughout the process, we adhere to the ICF Code of Ethics that honors you as the expert in your life as we believe that everyone is creative, resourceful and whole.

How is Coaching Different?

Life coaches are different than consultants, mentors, therapists, sports coaches and even your very best friend.

Consultants have an agenda and possible answers from their expertise in their unique fields.  Coaches have no agenda except to help you get the results you want and support you as you connect and listen to you inner voice.  Though we may have specializations, our true expertise is in the coaching process.

Mentors have a great deal to offer from their personal and professional experience,  coaches do not use personal experiences as a model for success for you.  You are the expert on your life and your coach is the expert on the coaching process.

Therapists are often also great coaches.  They are highly trained to help people overcome problems, issues and sometimes manage mental illness to help their clients become functional.  Coaches work with functional people to help them reach their optimal best.  The focus is to coach you from where you are to where you want to be.

Sports coaching has many similarities to professional coaching.  Both strive to bring out the best in you.  Where they differ is in the goal.  Professional coaching is not based on competition and help you think and create win-win scenarios for everyone concerned.

Great friendships are extremely valuable to a full and happy life.  Friends usually have their own agenda and with the best of intentions may simply tell you what you should do.  Coaching is a collaborative effort based solely on what you want and think you should do.  Professional coach are objective and non-judgmental

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