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Please contact us if you would like more information 

or to be notified directly to join when we launch

 Join us for 

Tapping Tuesdays

Our Weekly 

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Tapping Circle

With EFT Universe Trained Facilitators;

Shannon Burrington & Elaine Wood,

Reduce your own stress while gaining energetic support from the group!

Tapping Tuesdays Circles 

Every Tuesday 

7 P.M. EST

on ZOOM*

If you are familiar with Tapping, you know it works and you will be amazed how it works in a group!

One of the most profound discoveries of EFT is the phenomenon called "Borrowing Benefits".

It turns out, that by simply watching someone else do EFT and tapping along with them, you can reduce the emotional intensity on your own issues (source:

                      Every Tuesday, we gather together to support each other through a tapping session, that will be personal to you based on what you choose for your topic. pick a topic or issue for the group to tap on as well as a WorldTapping round.

Each of us will tap on our own chosen issue.  

                     Don't worry, we will guide you through the process and send you specific instructions on how to prepare to get the best out of every session.

Click here for instructions and some cool research.

*Meetings are on ZOOM- a free video-conferencing tool that you may load on your computer or phone.

To register for our next circle click here - Pay Pal and all major credit cards are accepted.

You will be directed to Elaine's website to register.

We are all waiting for YOUR energy!!

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