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I worked with Shannon recently when I was facing an important career decision.

I had been in a demanding, executive position for a number of years and was ready for a change. My goal was to transition out my role with minimum disruption to my staff, peers, and supervisory boards. These sorts of transitions can be tricky. Employees often worry about what a change of bosses will mean for them - and, of course, they're naturally skeptical about whether they are getting the full story from official pronouncements, memos, and press releases.

Then there's the even trickier question of succession. A boss is supposed to actively plan for the day he or she is no longer the boss. But the choice is ultimately not the boss's to make. That's pretty awkward.

Shannon was great. Although she didn't personally know the players involved and was working with an unfamiliar industry and business culture, she was a quick study. Her attention to management best practices was assuring, her own experience was instructive, her ideas were clear and straightforward.

She helped me think through the sequencing of my disclosure of news to stakeholders, my new relationship with the organization, and the multiple-week transition process. As a result, my shift took place with minimal upset, and succession played out smoothly.

I am very happy with the outcome. If you want a coach in your corner who will help bring out the best in you, talk to Shannon Burrington.

John Yemma 

Former Editor 

now Editor-at-Large 

Christian Science Monitor

Plymouth, MA

Working for myself in a home office had me struggling with time management and goal setting. Shannon has assisted greatly by asking open ended questions, to which I had to think and clarify my intentions for how to conduct my life and business on a daily basis. By discussing my day and struggles with time Shannon was able to hear me and just listening and offering small suggestions, such as list keeping has helped unblock me. Shannon's ability to offer a new perspective on how to function has made me less stressed and more productive.

My favorite suggestion, and I catch myself all the time saying it, but now correcting my statement, is not saying "I have a million things to do", but rather making my list, counting it and I realize I may only have 25 things to do. Psychologically it relaxes me and I am less agitated than before I worked with Shannon.

Shannon Burrington would be an asset to your organization. Of that I am sure!

Cecilia Greenbaum
Owner, Second to None
Plymouth, MA

Shannon is a great life coach! She's helped me tackle large projects by helping me realize that the small tasks add up to major accomplishments. She showed me how breaking these goals into smaller task can provide a greater sense of accomplishment. These small tasks ultimately add up to the main goal in a less overwhelming way.

Through goal setting, homework assignments and the use time management techniques taught by Shannon, I have applied this approach to many areas of my life. Shannon has taught me to take ownership over my life by effecting change over areas that I have control over.

Her professional skills and spiritual instincts have provided me exactly what I needed in tough times. I really value the time we shared. Shannon is a natural teacher and it shows through her coaching.

LaShemma Simmons
Program Manager, National Archives And Records Administration

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