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What's a facilitated EFT Session Like?

Most sessions take about an hour to an hour and half.  You will learn the tapping points, the 'basic recipe' and tap on your own acupressure points or meridians.  Your facilitator will ask about situations which cause anxiety, depression, or other symptoms. Then,  your facilitator will teach you the "basic recipe" for tapping on your acupressure point.  Then as you tap on your points shown in the diagram above, they will tap on their face as well, mirroring you and often echoing what you say.

EFT uses acupressure to release physical, emotional and mental distress in the body's energy system.  It is effective and simple to use.  Significant relief is often reported by most clients.  Many report significant emotional relief right away and they leave the session feeling much better.  Often clients change negative memories or images to positive ones and break free from limiting thoughts and behaviors created in their past.  

Not all issues release quickly, but fortunately EFT is easy to learn and use at home technique.  If pain, stress or anxiety arises, you will have the tools to diffuse the emotions

Gentle and Effective

 EFT is effective in treating a wide variety of conditions including stress, anxiety, panic, trauma, addictions, depression, chronic pain.

It works quickly and restores emotional balance without significant adverse effects.

Evidence Based

There have been over 100 published studies using meridian tapping approaches as well as over 50 randomized controlled trials.

98% of published studies have found positive results.

3 meta analyses of EFT specifically, and they all showed large effect sizes

Now approved as a “generally safe” therapy by the US Veterans Administration (VA).


The neuroscience findings show that stress and trauma affect a person's body-mind system.

Emotional Freedom Techniques work with the body, emotions, sensory information and cognitions in an integrated manner.

Emotional Freedom Techniques use awareness, mindfulness

and the therapeutic relationship.

Integrates easily with other modalities

EFT is often successfully used with:

Cognitive behavior therapy

Psychodynamic therapy


Couples & family approaches


Addiction models

And many other approaches

emotional freedom techniques

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