Emotional Freedom Techniques


Gentle and Effective

 EFT is effective in treating a wide variety of conditions including stress, anxiety, panic, trauma, addictions, depression, chronic pain.

It works quickly and restores emotional balance without significant adverse effects.

Evidence Based

There have been over 100 published studies using meridian tapping approaches as well as over 50 randomized controlled trials.

98% of published studies have found positive results.

3 meta analyses of EFT specifically, and they all showed large effect sizes

Now approved as a “generally safe” therapy by the US Veterans Administration (VA).


The neuroscience findings show that stress and trauma affect a person's body-mind system.

Emotional Freedom Techniques work with the body, emotions, sensory information and cognitions in an integrated manner.

Emotional Freedom Techniques use awareness, mindfulness

and the therapeutic relationship.

Integrates easily with other modalities

EFT is often successfully used with:

Cognitive behavior therapy

Psychodynamic therapy


Couples & family approaches


Addiction models

And many other approaches

emotional freedom techniques

Three Studies

The following three studies were conducted to measure the effects of EFT in hundreds of people and provide compelling evidence for the effectiveness of Borrowing Benefits. 

The first study to examine this phenomenon was performed by Jack Rowe, Ph.D., a professor at Texas A&M University, at that time. He examined the mental health of 108 people attending an EFT weekend workshop. He tested the participants one month before the workshop and immediately before, and found that their emotional trigger levels were unchanged.

However, right after the workshop, they had improved dramatically, even though they were only watching sessions performed onstage. Even better, the participants retained a part of the improvement when Dr. Rowe tested them at subsequent intervals. 

The Rowe study was replicated and extended in a second study by a research team that included Dawson Church and Audrey Brooks, Ph.D., a professor at the Psychology department of the University of Arizona at Tucson. They looked at mental health symptoms in 218 healthcare professionals such as doctors, nurses, psychotherapists, chiropractors, and alternative medicine practitioners. 

The subjects were attendees at 5 professional conferences who attended a one-day EFT workshop. At one of the conferences, EFT was offered by one EFT expert, and at the other 4 by Dawson Church. The participant’s mental health improved significantly at all 5 conferences. As they measured their symptoms during a follow-up period, the researchers discovered that they retained most of their gains. And they also tracked whether or not participants used EFT after the workshop, and found that those who did more EFT got better than compared to those who practiced EFT less often. 

The third study titled the replication of the study examined workshops taught by EFT Masters, such as Ann Adams, Loretta Sparks, and Carol Look. It reinforced the same findings and showed that EFT is effective regardless of which EFT expert offers the workshop.

Source: EFTUniverse.com

Emotional Freedom Techniques - EFT

Acupressure for Emotions

EFT is often called "tapping" because the central feature of EFT involves tapping with your fingertips on acupressure points and meridians on your face and upper body.  Facilitated EFT sessions are personalized for  just you and offer safe space and support to explore.

EFT helps to neutralize negative, limiting thoughts and false beliefs that may be on automatic pilot, then gives you the emotional freedom that can transform your life.

Along with using acupoints to move blocked energy, EFT can combine cognitive and exposure therapy to interrupt negative thought processes in order to clear and reprogram neural pathways.

This creates a shift toward a positive direction of thinking, responding and acting that restores and maintain health and well-being

What's a facilitated EFT Session Like?

Most sessions take about an hour to an hour and half. 

 You will learn the tapping points, the 'basic recipe' and tap on your own acupressure points or meridians. 

 Your facilitator will ask about situations which cause anxiety, depression, or other symptoms. 

Then, your facilitator will teach you the "basic recipe" for tapping on your acupressure point. 

 As you tap on your points shown in the diagram above, they will tap on their face as well, mirroring you and often echoing what you say.

EFT uses acupressure to release physical, emotional and mental distress in the body's energy system. It is effective and simple to use. 

 Significant relief is often reported by most clients. Many report  emotional relief right away and they leave the session feeling much better. Often clients change negative memories or images to positive ones and break free from limiting thoughts and behaviors created in their past.  

Not all issues release quickly, but fortunately EFT is easy to learn and use at home technique. If pain, stress or anxiety arises, you will have the tools to diffuse the emotions

Borrowing Benefits

   One of the most profound discoveries in EFT is the phenomenon called "Borrowing Benefits." The experience of “Borrowing Benefits” was first noted by EFT practitioners and facilitators. They reported that, rather than feeling exhausted after a day working with clients, they were energized. Their own emotional problems seemed to have melted away, even though they weren't working on or even thinking about the same issues as their clients.

    This seemed very hard to believe because it doesn't apply to most other modalities that support and empower clients to release emotional issues.

Talk therapists usually do not find their own anxiety or depression improving after working with clients. Social workers rarely find their problems melting away after a day of work nor are the problems of life coaches resolved when they help their clients resolve their own problems with motivation, accountability, or goal-setting. 

In fact, the reverse often occurs, as these practitioners take on the emotional burdens their clients are processing. The rate of burnout among helping professions is high. 

Well, it doesn’t happen, but wouldn’t it be nice if we could get the benefits of meditation simply by watching other people meditate? If it did we’d have meditators on our screen savers! 

Yet, how wonderful that just watching EFT and tapping along in a group or in one-on-one sessions, on your issues, can produce lasting change---Emotional Freedom!